Royaume-Uni, Londres, Wellcome Library, MS.119

  • Conservé à : Londres. Wellcome Library
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  • Nombre de feuillets : 1 volume; 28 x 18 cm. On vellum: modern stamped vellum binding. Originally there appear to have been 70 numbered folios but in the manuscript's current state original folios numbered folios 9, 10, 19-26, 50 are now wanting; first left and the verso of the last rubbed.

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  • Catalogue description modified in 2014. For original description, see S.A.J. Moorat, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts on Medicine and Science in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library (London: Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 1962-1973).


  • Bartholomew of Salerno and others, practical medical treatises.

    Written in a semi-current gothic hand 42-48 lines to a page. Ff.61-70 are by a different and more formal hand: 51 lines to a page. Headings, initials and paragraph marks in red. In the margin of f.68 are three small pen-drawings of a Bain-marie [?].

    Note that at a later date the manuscript has been refoliated, ff.1-59, in pencil in the bottom right corner of each recto. It is important to note that the foliation cited below in this description is based not on the original foliation in ink at the top of each recto, but on the foliation in pencil in the bottom right hand corner of each recto. This is because some original folios are now wanting (ff.9, 10, and 19-26).


    1. ff. 1r-8v Anonymous, treatise on the virtues of rosemary, etc.

    f. 1r Nym die plum des rosmarin und pint sy in ein leynen tuch ... f. 8v ... Als lert ypocras Ir ist auch das gercht wang grozzer dann.

    2. ff. 9r-18r Anonymous, treatise on herbal remedies

    f. 9r Hie ist ze merken von manigerlay chraut wie man sy nutzen sol von erst von wegreich. Wem des haubt we tut ... f. 18r ... und das puleur sol die fraw in wazzer tuken.

    3. ff. 18r-49v Bartholomew of Salerno, Practica

    f. 18r Dicz puch tichtet ain maister der hies bartholomeus das nam er zu kriechen in ainem puche das hies practica ... f. 49v ... und sol dem menschen dem nichts nier werden etc. Anno domini 1429 sabato proximo ante festum nativitatis gloriose virginis marie. Finis adest fere scriptor vult precium habere. Si melius scripsissem nomen meum imposuissem Vero male scribo nomen meum imponere nolo. Deo gracias Amen.

    4. ff. 50r-59r Bartholomew of Salerno, Practica

    f. 50r Dicz puch teichtet ain maister der hiesz bartolomeus daz namer dacz kriechen awfz ainen puch haiset practica ... f. 59r ... Und pint ez auff daz gelitt ez ist bewert etc. Per manus Geovii wincklar Mayniein.

    5. f. 59v Receipts

    (Source : Wellcome Library)
  • A mutilated legal document in German, dated 1547, has been bound in at the end: this may perhaps have formed part of a former binding. From the Joseph Frank Payne Collection, with his Ex-libris. In Sotheby's Catalogue 12-14/7/1911, Lot 404. (Source : Wellcome Library)
  • Purchased 1911. (Source : Wellcome Library)

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